Chiclayo, Sipan Lord 3 days

Chiclayo, Sipan Lord 3 days

What to expect and see:

Visit ancient Peruvian pre-Inca civilization ruins of the Moche Culture temples where Sipan Lord (the "Peruvian King Tut") was found and see his treasures that are  in Tumbas Reales Museum in Chiclayo.

The museum houses kings, warriors and priests´precious artifacsts, more than 2000 pieces in gold, artistic pottery, textile work in garments from funerary context and recreation of tombs.


Day 1 Chiclayo

Afternoon transfer from Chiclayo airport to hotel.
Overnight in Chiclayo.

Day 2 Chiclayo: Sipán and Moche culture

Chacana Ventarron

AM Visit  4,500 year-old Huaca Ventarron archaeological site that shows first civilization evidence in northern Peru.

Earliest ancient temples devoted to Fire god  and “Andean Cross” or “Chacana” were found in Huaca Ventarron by Archaeologists. The site is also Moche culture origin craddle.

Museo Tumbas R


Then we will drive to Huaca Rajada archaeological site,  famous powerful  Moche ruler Lord of Sipán tomb, who had absolute power, his tomb witnesses Moche rulers´ splendor.

Huaca Rajada
Fine gold, silver and copper jewelry plus ceremonial utensils help archaeologists better understand Moche culture. Its on-site museum exhibits Moche elites findings from burials.

Oro Sr Sipan

PM After lunch we will visit Royal Tombs of Sipán Museum, (one most and impressive archaeological museums in South America)

Royal Tombs of Sipan holds Moche artwork collection like silver and gold jewelry, fine weaving, religious and military emblems and ceremonial utensils.

Sipan Lord

Overnight Chiclayo.

Meals: Lunch.

Day 3 Chiclayo: Túcume


Visit Chiclayo Modelo Market, walk through shamans´ and healers´ section.

See potions, exotic spices, herbs, hanging shells, small altarpieces, bottles filled with hooves, claws, snake skin, miniature desiccated crocs that Shamans use for healing rituals.

healer market
Later, in Túcume we will meet Master Healer Genaro Nima, who lives inside Huaca Las Balsas archaeological park not far from Cerro Purgatorio.

Healer Genaro Nima states this place powers best to perform healing rituals, people come to him searching for help, Don Genaro reinstates his faith in these sacred hills and Túcume temples.

Huaca Balsas 1
After meeting Don Genaro we visit Túcume archaeological site: Huaca Larga (biggest adobe pyramid in Southamerica), mystical “Cerro Purgatorio” hill,  and Huaca Las Balsas (priestesses residence)

Huaca Las Balsas walls depict waves, birds, bird-men, mythical birds, rowing fishing boats surrounded by birds and fish.

Then we will have lunch at a rural lodge nearby.

Túcume people grew corn, lima beans, beans, pumpkins, pepper, sweet potato, as well as various fruit crops and With cotton they made high quality clothes and fishing nets.

Tejedoras Lambayeque 1

Then we will visit  Tejedoras Lambayeque cotton weaving workshop to learn about native cotton and weaving process, from harvest to  back strap loom, techniques passed on through generations.

We will meet expert Doña Susana Bances and her ancient Moche native cotton spinning art and weaving  who creates extraordinary pieces of craftsmanship.

Then you will be driven to Chiclayo airport. Fly back to Lima.

Meals: Lunch.

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Chiclayo, Sipan Lord 3 days

Price of tour:

1 Pax                         US$ 847.-
2 Paxs         each     US$ 478.-
3 Paxs         each     US$ 451.-
4-5 Paxs     each     US$ 427.-


02 nights of accomodation in Hotel Casa Andina in Chiclayo or similar
All ground transportation in private vehicle
Local knowledgeable Tour Guide
Entrance fees to the sites mentioned in program itinerary
2 meals (lunches) mentioned in tour
Snack and bottle of water on board

Not included:

- Domestic flight
- Beverages and soft drinks
- Tips (optional)

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