Cusco Condor Canyon 1 day

Cusco Condor Canyon 1 day

What to expect and see:

Views of the Andes mountains, interesting archaeological sites: Quillarumiyoc Moon Temple and Tarawasi.

Enjoy the views along a picturesque trail to reach the Condor Canyon (Chonta Canyon), see the Apurimac river and watch the Andean condor.



Itinerary of tour

8:00 am Departure from hotel

9:30 am Arrival in Quillarumiyoq and visit site



See Quillarumiyoc Moon Stone temple in the rock outcrop, terraces, a ceremonial cave  and a magnificent aqueduct.

11:00 am Departure from Quillarumiyoc to Limatambo

11:45 am Arrival in Limatambo and visit Tarawasi archaeological site



Tradition states that Inca Yupanqui Pachacuteq had buildt this town as a "tambo" (lodge) with a main  temple along the way to Chinchaysuyo region.

12:30 pm Lunch in Limatambo.

1:30 pm Departure to Chonta, enjoy scenic views along the road.

2:30 pm Arrival in Chonta and have a walk to Huaco lookout



Apurimac river Chonta Canyon is Limatambo district, Anta province, Cusco.

3:45 pm Reach viewpoint at lookout to watch condors


4:30 pm Return to Chonta

6:00 pm Departure and return to Cusco

8:30 pm Arrival in Cusco

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