Cusco City Tour, Nearby Ruins half day

Cusco City Tour, Nearby Ruins half day

What to expect : Visit Cusco´s City highlights

What to see:  “Koricancha”(Inca Sun Temple), Cuzco´ XVI - XVII AD baroque Cathedral, Saqsayhuaman with amazing Inca stonework and Qenqo, Pucapucara and Tambomachay.


 Departure from hotel

Start with a walking tour in Cusco, “Qosqo” (“Navel of the world”), former Inca capital, laid out in a Puma shape, is the oldest permanently inhabited city in this continent.

Visit the Qoricancha, Temple of Sun God of the IncasQoricancha

 “Qoricancha”  Inka Sun temple  (golden enclosure) was dedicated to Viracocha (creator god), Inti (Sun god) and other deities.

More than 700 sheets of  gold covered its basaltic-andesite stone walls, its courtyard filled with life-size sculptures of animals and plants, all fashioned in gold.

Qoricancha temple  was Cusco´s  vast astronomical observatory and calendric device with “seques”, sacred imaginary lines emanating and pointing out to celestial horizon points.

Walk to Main Plaza and Visit The CathedralPlaza Armas Cuz


Walk to Plaza de Armas and Visit Cusco´s Cathedral

Cusco´s Main Square (former and present ceremonial and festive place) is surrounded by important buildings like XVI - XVII AD Baroque “Cusco´s Cathedral” made by Incan artists.

- Visit Sacsayhuaman archaeological site and nearby ruins

Bus Ride to Sacsayhuaman


Visit Sacsayhuaman (“Puma´s Head") amazing fortressed Inca temple. Estimated volume: over 6,000 cubic meters in superb stonework.

Proceed ride to other Incan sites  like Qenqo, Pucapucara and Tambomachay.

Walk in Tambomachay, shrine of  Water Deity


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